Toons the Tiger

Meet Toons, the cheeky Mascot of Action Pussycat and star of music and TV.

“The Party Pirate”

by Action Pussycat feat DJ Ade

You may have heard this catchy party dance song at an Action Pussycat party.  If not, you can download it from iTunes.

What will you do with a party pirate?  We make him climb the rigging, man the lifeboat and dance like a robot in this great tune in the vein of Black Lace “Superman” and The Fast Food Rockers “Fast Food Song”" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><
Download The Party Pirate from iTunes

 Toon the Tiger TV show

Currently we are in pre production for a children’s TV show with DJ Ade and Toons as the stars.  Described as a cross between Mr Tumble, Labyrinth (the film, not the book) and a pantomime, each episode sees Toons and Ade go on an adventure of discovery in and around Weston super Mare, where they meet colourful characters and have plenty of laughs.

Toons the Tiger is currently in pre production in partnership with iwashTV.  The pilot episode has been written and is being rehearsed now.  In it, Toons and Ade go on a dragon hunt but don’t discover what they were expecting.


Updates of the TV show

Toons the Tiger Book

Watch out for Toons starting in his own series of books based on the TV show.

Illustrated and written by DJ Ade, these books are currently being produced in conjunction with Onion Custard Publishing.  Singe the Dragon has also got the story he reads available as a book.  Called "Dave the Dragon and the Magic Word, you can buy it soon from bookshops and amazon.



Book extract coming soon