The Dinosaur Experience

Rory The Dinosaur Experience


Standing 4.5 meters long and 2 meters high, Rory is an amazing, fully animated, roaring T Rex that will bring a WOW! to any event he attends.  The sight of a ‘real’, moving and roaring T Rex is a brilliant experience, and Rory is available to help out at your event today.

School Education Packages

The unique educational package includes a fun and fascinating dinosaur talk from International Adventurer and Dinosaur Hunter ‘Ade Venture’, ably supported by Rory the T Rex.  There are plenty of opportunities for the pupils to ask questions and get ‘hands on’ with Rory.  This fully interactive education package come with engaging activities that will really fire up your pupils imaginations.  It is an excellent topic add on that will thrill the children and be remember for the rest of their lives!

The package includes hands on demonstrations regarding time lines, interactive games about a T Rex diet, heaps of brilliant fun dinosaur facts and a show with Rory, plus some engaging imbedded maths.