Hi School Type Person. 

Whether you are a member of the PTA, PFA or a teacher looking to organise a great event for your school, Action Pussycat is here to help.

Action Pussycat:

  • is run by Ade; a qualified teacher, and a level 3 Play Leader who has ten coaching qualifications.
  • staff are all CRB cleared and are happy to have a DBS check if needed.
  • has public liability insurance for £10 million.
  • equipment is PAT tested (last tested June 14).
  • regularly delivers school discos for 11 different schools.
  • used to run after school and award winning holiday clubs.
  • knows how to control a hall full of children.
  • provides a mix of party music and unique games.
  • offers a 20% discount to schools. (Maybe that bit should be first:-))
  • is recommended by all who use us.
  • has won 3 awards for best holiday play scheme.

When there is a school disco, my job is to patrol the corridors to keep the children out of trouble. When we hired Action Pussycat, I didn’t see a single soul. They were all in the hall being entertained and thoroughly enjoying the show. Thanks for making my job easy.” 

Headteacher of Corpus Cristi

I have been a teacher for 30 years, and with no doubt, Action Pussycat is the best disco I have ever seen.”

Headteacher of Ashcombe School

We always book him early to guarantee we get him. The children don’t want anybody else

Chair of PTA, Winscombe School

“The Children always have a good time.”

Head of Key Stage 4, Churchill School

Action Pussycat School Discos ROCK!

DJ Ade, Action Pussycat

With a mix of modern chart musicclassic party tunes (yes, the YMCA will be in there somewhere), great team games and dance routines, an Action Pussycat school disco will be a great crowd pleaser and successful fund raiser. Action Pussycat parties are built around the cornerstones of inclusionhigh energyunique activities and fair play, and when you add the 20% discount into the mix as well, that’s more money into the school funds, so everybody is a winner.

Drumming up interest:
Action Pussycat can also help drum up interest in the disco to ensure you generate as much money as possible. If asked for, I will provide some free publicity posters for you to post up around the school, but even better, try using this embedded numeracy activity in class to get the children interested.

The Music Maths.
Here’s how it works:

Every pupil in each class are asked to list their top two or three songs. This can be done as a group activity using a tally for every song mentioned. The children can then create bar charts and pie charts (or for the older children, frequency tables and probability questions).

These results can then be compared across classes. What are the favourite songs? Who are the most popular singer, bands or animated frogs? This activity can generate discussion or lead on to research projects using the Internet (for example, pupils could find the history of the band or create charts which map the chart positions of the singles, etc). You see where this is going.

Then here is the clever bit. Tell the children that the most popular songs will definitely be featured in theschool disco. Get the list to me to make sure I have them all. The pupils will then really look forward to the disco because (a) their class favourite song will be played for them and (b) as it will have been the talk of the school, everybody will know about it and want to attend.
KaChing! (as the youth of today would say).

You get loads of Brownie points for being so clever, the children have a great time, the money roles in and everybody is happy.

Quiz Nights DID YOU KNOW: School discos are not the only thing I can provide? Action Pussycat also can help you raise money for your school with fun family QUIZ NIGHTS as well. An Action Pussycat quiz night will include a wide and entertaining array of different questions in different formats to provide something for everybody. Rounds could include picture rounds, music rounds, film quotesfilm/TV trivia and interesting facts, as well as bonus spoof rounds of ‘Play Your cards Right’, ‘Win, Loose or Draw’ and ‘Family Fortunes’. To suit your situation, there are the following Quiz Night Options: Option 1 I do it. For this you get a charismatic compere and a full audio and video experience through a PA system and rounds presented via a data projector for a really professional feel to the event. Either I can provide prizes or you as the committee can to reduce my fee. Option 2 You do it. I provide the questions and format while you can concentrate on hosting the event. This is a lot cheaper which means more profit for the school. Hurrah! Option 3 The take home quiz. This option can be used as a monthly take home quiz. Families pay to enter a fun quiz which they can work on at home with everybody, and the answers are ones designed to not be found on the Internet.

Sample Questions:

What letter is next in the sequence: O, T, T, F, S, S ? What do you get if you times the number of people in McFly with the number of Harry Potter books?
What film would you be watching if the hero was called Jack Sparrow? Name this song
“I just can’t wait to the day when you knock on my door.”
Who sang this song:

What is this a close up of?

Schools - ACTION Pussycat

All options come complete with questions, answers and team answer sheets. Why not just get in touch to find out the answers to the questions above. Its not worth loosing sleep over. Honest!