Games Party

Games Party

A games party is perfect for children with loads of energy. It includes a variety of high energy non-elimination games, most of which are exclusive to Action Pussycat.  Some games are played for fun.  Some are for prizes.  Some are team games, some are individual.  All are great fun, non-elimination and designed to squeeze the most fun out of the party.  Music is played as well to help generate the party atmosphere, and a bubble machine and a party dance complete this brilliant package designed for children who want the fun of the games but are not so interested in dancing.

These unique games have been designed and refined from award winning holiday play schemes I ran when I managed sports centres and each game is non elimination, so that everybody is involved all the time, giving everybody maximum fun.

After food we get out the parachute and play parachute games.  Parents are welcome to join in at this stage.  You can theme a games party, add a magic show or have a guest appearance to tailor this package to exactly what your child would like and make it unique to his spacial day.

Games Party Reviews

“We have had Action Pussycat to do several of our parties over the last few years, and Ive also been to quite a few too! Ade is brilliant - he keeps the children going from the minute it starts to the very end, even through the food! Moments of madness are intercepted by quieter games/activities which is great. Ade also keeps the parents informed as to what is going on. There is no stress whatsoever for the adults at an Action Pussycat party & Ive not met a child yet who hasn't loved every minute!

Sarah White Priest

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